Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Frustrated and Looking for Help!

I have shared a little bit of how I am exploring the use of QR codes in my classroom. I started by making a QR code that was connected to my school website. I used Kaywa QR Code Generator (sorry I can't get it to hyperlink the url right now either, this is not my night) to make the code and printed it out. I taped it onto the wall outside my door and tried it out with a fellow teacher. Much to my surprise it did work. My first thoughts were maybe we had a bad QR code reader app. Another teacher walked by and I asked her to try it with her phone. IT WORKED!

Maybe it was my app, so I downloaded the one she was using (NeoReader). My next goal was to record a few tutorials to use during math this week. I want my students to work in groups on an assignment while I teach a new concept to another group. I wanted them to have a quick tutorial to watch if they had a question, or needed to review a already learned concept. I thought I would us a QR code to connect the students to the youtube tutorial that I uploaded. I used the same generator, saved the image to my desktop and printed it out. Yet again though, when I used my ipod touch to read the code a error message came up saying youtube would not load.

This time the problem looks to be with the url I took from youtube. I was a little to frustrated at this point to try again, after working on it for a few hours, so I decided to write this blog pleading for thoughts and help!

If you have a helpful thought please share what I can do to make this work!

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