Wednesday, April 6, 2011

QR Codes and My New Journey With Them

I want to start using QR codes more and more in my classroom.  I think ( and a big emphasis on think) it will help me move more and more into the direction of a student centered classroom.  My first thought when I was first introduced to QR codes during ICE (Illinois Computing Educators) I thought they were cool, but had no idea how I could utilize them.  So I did some research, and to my surprise my dear learning network, twitter, came through for me with more ideas than I can handle.

So I am going to start small and work my way up to a room full of QR codes.  I have pulled some ideas of these websites. 

I like the idea of using them for book reviews.   I also like the thought os using them for math centers reviewing how to work out a problem. 

I will be updating as I move through this process.  Wish me luck, or give me your thoughts!


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